On Screen Talent

Code Red Esports is a worldwide talent agency with both established and up and coming esports broadcasting talent on its roster. Whether you are looking to hire on-air talent for an event or are an esports personality looking for representation, Code Red can help.

If you are looking to hire commentators, analysts or event hosts for your esports tournament, television show or corporate event, Code Red will source such talent from our books or if necessary from elsewhere – as Code Red works with other agencies and individuals. If requested, Code Red can advise you on the most suitable talent for your event. Code Red also guarantees you certain obligations from the talent, from an exceptional level of professionalism and timeliness, through to social media advertising of your event.

Are you talent looking for representation? Code Red can act as your agent. This includes finding you additional work, negotiating contracts, fees and riders, arranging travel and other administration, through to representing you for other deals such as product development and endorsements.


If you are looking for representation or to hire talent, talk to experts.