What We Do

Code Red Esports works with games publishers, tournament organisers, esports teams, broadcasters, sports clubs, investors, endemic and non-endemic brands. No matter if you are already in esports or looking to invest in esports, Code Red can help you.


Code Red provides access to the brightest talent in esports for your shows and events including hosts, presenters, commentators and personalities. Experienced esports production crew members are also available on our books. For more information, see our on screen talent page or our esports production talent page.


Code Red hosts workshops for both corporate clients and educational institutions – having hosted workshops at the University of Copenhagen, and commentary seminars for Oslo University – as well as being in regular contact with MIT regarding esports. Topics that Code Red covers include an introduction to esports, advanced esports techniques for marketing, esports broadcasting show creation, commentary and hosting (workshop). Bespoke content can be created tailored to your requirements, even down to specific games.


With over 40 years’ combined esports experience and a passion for the industry that means Code Red’s team are on the cutting edge of the latest news and trends, Code Red are uniquely positioned to provide strategic insight and advice regarding any esports ventures. Code Red can help in areas such as industry networking, content acquisition, community tutoring, PR, marketing, betting, sponsorship, team purchases and player movement.


From building a worldwide community based tournament, for major brands such as Intel, all the way through to stadium esports formats, such as Blizzard’s StarCraft II World Championship Series UK, Code Red’s team have planned and executed countless events both live and online. If you are looking to structure a one-off or long term esports event, take advantage of Code Red’s expertise in how to structure tournaments (such as qualifiers, regional qualifiers, brackets, ladders and leagues) and how to build rulesets (how to cope with tie-breaks, dual tournament formats, overtime rules, league systems and ranking points), including where there are strict time constraints such as for TV broadcast.


Working with clients such as Ubisoft and Massive Entertainment, Code Red provides bespoke advice on what to implement in a video game to allow it to be broadcasted in a world class manner, from advice on overlay placement, broadcasting options for streamers and commentators to smart ways to display scoreboards, replays and timers. Working with publishers and developers, Code Red have helped design and hone in-game spectator modes for better viewing and so that commentators can commentate on matches more easily and in more detail.


Having helped produce more than 100 shows for broadcast online via IPTV or Twitch and for traditional satellite or cable television broadcast, on channels including Sky Sports, Sky One, ESPN, Eurosport and DirecTV, Code Red has a wealth of experience in all aspects of broadcasting. From writing show rundowns, creating shows, scripts and production to providing advice on improving formats, live streaming and talent hiring, Code Red can ensure you achieve a premier production. Our team have also helped write dozens of huge international shows including Intel Extreme Masters, ESL One, the $20m The International and Blizzcon.


Are you ready to step into the professional esports world with the best in the business? Get in touch with Code Red Esports now.