About Us

Code Red Esports is the authentic esports agency. If you’re looking to succeed in esports and video gaming, we can help you.

Whilst esports is only recently hitting the headlines, our team have been involved in the industry since its inception, have been growing it since, and have an unparalleled knowledge and understanding of the sector.

Since 2003, our team have been putting on major esports events from scratch, talent sourcing and hiring, writing and broadcasting shows (that have gone out to over 1 million viewers), running major esports teams, conducting a wide range of ongoing and ad-hoc strategic consultancy projects, and conducting countless marketing campaigns.

We have witnessed first-hand how the industry has evolved and are uniquely positioned to forecast how esports will continue to change. This expertise, and our team’s passion for gaming, enables us to understand how your business fits in the complex esports industry and to recognize the challenges that you will face.

Based in the UK with a global presence, Code Red Esports is committed to helping you reach and exceed your business’ goals, whilst demystifying and simplifying the world of esports for you. Esports can be a complex industry and difficult to crack, but we will help you avoid pitfalls that are commonly made by brands entering esports alone.

Luke Cotton – COO

Ben Woodward – Talent Director


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