Matti “CastByCopter” Korvenmaa is versatile PUBG, PUBG Mobile and Rocket League commentator and studio host. Matti is a well-known community person within European PUBG and Nordic Rocket League scenes, mostly known from his casting work in PSL and PCS qualifiers.

Matti started his casting career from real motorsports events, and this impacted his casting style to utilize the full range of his voice which resulted in his unique casting style that is full of excitement. This combined with his enthusiasm, in-game knowledge and tight relations with the scene enables him to work in multiple roles and bring hype after another without missing the important details that are happening in the broadcast.

During the year 2020 Matti has been the rising star since the moment he was introduced to an international audience via PSL, but he also holds a long history from motorsports and competitive PUBG broadcasting before that. During these times when events are held mostly online, Matti has his own professional grade broadcasting studio that can be utilized in online productions.