Having only been streaming for a few months, SheepZF quickly rose to popularity as a member of the already popular “ZF Clan” – a close-knit group of players and YouTubers that were widely known for their hilarious gameplay videos. Sheep’s relaxed take on gaming, his humble background, engagement with his community and hilarious content with the “ZF” clan were undoubtedly a huge part in his rapid growth: reaching over 20k followers on Twitch in less than 2 months, gaining Twitch Partnership, and more than 10K followers on Twitter. Sheep’s hardworking mentality, trusting community and “gaming with mates” feel to his streams have highlighted him as an upcoming, exciting influencer to keep on the radar. Sheep can be found playing a large variety of games including Assetto Corsa, The Isle, Among Us, Call of Duty and Banished.